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Shark 200

Our system is a 277/480V Wye system. Can I use it to power my meter? I have a D2 option control power.

I am only using the meter for current measurement only and I have my CTs in place but the meter is not reading even if I have my load.

Can I use the meter for single phase application? How do I wire it for single phase?

On other power meter electrical diagram, the CTs are tied up at the Lo side and connected to ground. But the Shark manual doesn’t show any Lo side being tied up together to ground. Should we tie it up to ground?

Can I use the infrared port of my laptop to connect to the meter via IrDA port?

Where do I read the peak demand in the front display?

We have the KYZ pulse output tied to our BMS in the building. We have a PLC set to count the pulses and calculate the energy consumption based on the pulses received but it doesn’t seem to match. What seems to be the problem? We use the factor 0.50001776 as shown on the meter label for TV < 150V which we assume the TV to be the voltage input. Our system is 120/208V system.

We are using the 20mA output card that is tied up to our control monitoring system but the outputs on all channels are always 24mA no matter what input load we have. This is a brand new meter and we just installed it. What seems to be the problem? We are using the default configuration but it didn’t work?

I’m polling the Shark reading via Modbus. I’m using the registers in the Primary Reading Block starting from 1000 to 1029 and had my software set to integer.

How can I reset the energy of the Shark via Modbus?

I’m using Windows 7 but the installation CD that comes with the USB to IrDA Adapter only has for Windows XP driver. Where can I get the driver for my OS?

Can we change the meter’s webpage or put our own logo on it?

Can we access other meter or Shark 100 from the Shark 200 on a daisy chain?

How do I read the energy reading on a Shark?

Nexus Series

I would like to set my 4-20mA output module (20mAO4) to give an output of -100MW to 100MW. I am using 1600/5 CTs and 144000/120V PTs. How should I set it?

When I use Modbus I notice that most readings are in secondary values. How do I get to primary?


What are the critical aspects to installing CTs correctly?

Should I use a shorting block for my CTs?

What will happen if the CTs are installed incorrectly?

How do I find the correct orientation and terminals/wires on my CTs?

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