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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


When do I use a Terminating Resistor while communicating over an RS485 Bus?

I am using another manufacturer's RS232 to RS485 converter and I cannot get it to communicate with the Nexus meter. What is the problem?

Nexus Series

What is a sample rate of High Speed inputs?

How can I communicate with the Nexus 1250 meter?

What is a response time (RTU function) from condition change to status output change?

What is the VAUX input used for?

Can I change the relay modules connected to the Nexus meter and manually change the state of them through the Modbus registers?

How does the DNP Level 2 dead band percentage work in my Nexus 1252/62/72 meter?

How do I get the GE SC-6 (USB to Optical Converter) to communicate with my Nexus Socket meters?

I am setting up the MV-90 TIM for the Nexus meter and I need to know the weight of the pulse.

CPU 1000

What is the CPU-1000?

What display options are available for Futura+?

How many displays can I connect to the Futura+?

How do I communicate with my CPU 1000 meter using Futura+ Communicator?

DM Series

How do I program the DMMS350 with my desired IP address?

How do I get my DMMS+ to read a lower current or voltage?

How do I troubleshoot wiring errors with the DMMS 300+?

How do I communicate with my DM Series meter using Futura+ Communicator?

What are some programming tips for the DMMS 300+ equipped with Analog Output Modules?

Is there a quick reference guide to get into DMVA 100 to change the PT and CT ratios?

Is there a quick flow chart for the DM Series Meters?

How do I interpet DNP data?

Modem Manager

How do I set up my Modem Manager?

Why do I lose communication with my modem when I am retrieving information over the telephone line from a device? What can I do to solve this problem?

Unicom 2500

What are the polarization requirements to use DC to power the Unicom 2500?

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