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3 Phase Delta PT

3 Phase Delta Voltage Transformer

3 Phase WYE PT

3 Phase WYE Voltage Transformer

4-Pole and 6-Pole CT Shorting Blocks

EI-30CT04DR/EI-30CT06DR CT Shorting Block

9S Socket Form Meter Enclosure

9S Socket Form Meter Enclosure

ANSI Optical Probe

The A7Z/A9U is a new ANSI type 2, zero power, optical communication probe.

ANT18769 – Remote Mounted Wireless WiFi Antenna

ANT18769 - Remote Mounted Wireless WiFi Antenna

CAB1942 – 5 Wire Assembly Cable

Special 5 Wire Assembly For DB-9Cable

CAB26522 – USB-A to Mini-B 2.0

RS485 to USB Communication Converter

Communicator EXT Energy Management Software with MeterManager EXT Data Collection Software

The base user package of the Energy Manager System with charting, configuration, graphing, and power quality analysis

E145350 – RS485 – 4 wire to 2 wire cable

For use with Unicom 2500 converters and Shark Meters


EI-2DARL 50/100/200 Solid Core Current Transformers


EI-2SFT 50/100/200 Solid Core Current Transformers


EI-3SP-600/800 Split Core Current Transformers


EI-5ARL-400/5A Solid Core Current Transformer


EI-5SFT-400/5A Solid Core Current Transformer


EI-5SP-1200/5A Split Core Current Transformer


480VAC/120VAC, 75VA Control Power Transformer


EI-76RL-1200/5A Solid Core Current Transformer


EI-7RL-600/800 Solid Core Current Transformer


EI-7SP-1600/5A Split Core Current Transformer


EI-8RL-1600/5A Solid Core Transformer


EI-91SP-2000/3000/4000 Split Core Current Transformers

EI-MSB10-400 Surge Protector

Protect sensitive equipment from lightning strikes and/or industrial switching surges


EI-SB-6TC 6 Pole CT Shorting Block with cover


EI-WC6-2000-RAO5 Split Core Current Transformers

FiberCom Media Converter

Converts Between Copper-Wire Ethernet and Fiber Optics

FT Switch

Miniature test switches are compact, versatile solutions for disconnecting and testing devices and circuits.

Modem Manager 1 – Intelligent Modem Buffer

Buffered RS485 Converter for Telephones

Nexus 1252

Nexus 1252 is the newest power meter in the industry-leading Nexus series.
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Nexus 1262

"Economical" Utility Billing Energy Power Meter with Advanced Power Quality
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Nexus 1272

“Performance Enhanced” Utility Billing Meter with Advanced Power Quality
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Nexus® 1262/1272 Clear Cover Sub-Assembly

Nexus® 1262/1272 Clear Cover Sub-Assembly

Panel Meter Protective Fuse Kit

For use on circuits not to exceed 600Vac

PDA 1252 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

Your Secret Weapon for Diagnosing Power Quality Problems

Power Brick – Universal Substation Grade Power Supply

Industrial grade power supply for harsh electrical environments

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