RS485 to USB Communication Converter

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The E205301 cable is an RS485 to USB serial converter that provides a fast, simple method to connect an EIG power meter with an RS485 interface to a computer with a USB port. Using this cable, you will be able to program a meter, view real time readings and download stored data to a PC using the meter’s RS485 port.

Initially designed to work with EIG meters, this cable provides a standard RS485 two wire, half duplex interface which will also operate properly with most RS485 systems. Utilizing the downloaded driver, the USB will operate as a virtual Com port, which allows a user to communicate with the RS485 system as a standard PC serial emulation port.

  • Easily Connect EIG Meters to a Computer’s USB Port
  • Standard 2-Wire RS485
  • LEDs in the USB connector give a visual indication of transmitting and receiving
  • Cable Port Powered – doesn’t require external power supply

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