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Power Brick – Universal Substation Grade Power Supply

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Power Brick is a rugged industrial grade power supply designed for harsh electrical environments. The unit offers up to 12VA power and is used to power accessories and communications converters off station 125VAC/DC. The product is isolated and short circuit protected. Mounted in a metal case, the unit rejects electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.

  • Isolated and Short Circuit Protected
  • All Metal Enclosure
  • 12VA Power
  • For Industrial and Utility Applications

Ordering Information

Simply include the model number, input range and output range as per the specifications.

Example: PB1-D2-12VO
Denotes a Power Brick with 125VAC/DC input and 12 volts output.


Input Range
12VAC/DC to 60VAC/DC9 (Suffix-D)
90VAC/DC to 240VAC/DC (Suffix-D2)

Output Range
9V/1.33A (Suffix-9VO)
12V/1A DC (Suffix-12VO)
24V/0.5A DC (Suffix-24VO)

Input Frequency Range: 0-1000Hz
Output Load Regulation (10%-100%): +/-1%
Line Regulation (over full range): +/-1%

Overall Width: 2.465″
Overall Height: 1.51″
Overall Length: 4.18″
Mounting Hole Pattern: 2.84″ Center line to center line.

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