Nexus 1262

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“Economical” Utility Billing Meter with Advanced Communication

  • Highly Accurate Revenue Metering
  • Advanced Communication
  • DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus Protocol
  • Enhanced Log Downloading
  • Customized Modbus Mappings
  • Basic Power Quality Measurements
  • Ethernet / Modem Combo Card
  • Total Web Solutions100 Base T Ethernet

Electro Industries/GaugeTech now offers an economical solution to your metering requirements. The new Nexus 1262 combines EIG’s latest performance enhancing technology into an affordable socket based meter that meets and exceeds the needs of virtually all utility or industrial metering and analysis applications. This unit specifically meets the sophisticated standards required by utility companies and deregulated power providers for advanced revenue metering, control and power quality.

Standard features in the 1262 include a fully adjustable graphical backlit LCD display (easily read in all lighting conditions), compact low profile design, unrivaled accuracy measurements, multiple communication protocols and user definable control options previously unattainable.

Standard Advanced Features:

High-Performance Revenue Metering

  • Patented ACCU-MEASURE Sensing Technology
  • ANSI C-12 and IEC 687 Rated
  • Auto Calibration with Temperature Compensation
  • Onboard Time of Use – 20 Year Calendar
  • Load Aggregation
  • Pulse Accumulation and Integration
  • Loss Compensation

Basic Quality Monitoring

  • Surge and Sag Recording
  • Magnitude and Duration of Event
  • Onboard CBEMA Logging

Advanced Memory, Communication, Control and RTU Functions

  • Large Recording Mass Memory
  • 4 High-Speed Com Ports
  • Multiple Protocols – Modbus/DNP 3.0
  • Level 2 plus DNP 3.0
  • Optional Onboard Ethernet
  • Optional Internal Modem with Dial-Out
  • New Modem / Ethernet Combo
  • 100 Base T Total Web Solutions
  • New: Ethernet / Modem Combo Card
  • Built-in PLC Functionality for Control
  • 90msec. High-Speed Updates for Control
  • MV-90 Compatible


Generation Plants

  • Multiple Protocol Communications such as Modbus and DNP 3.0
  • 0.06% Accuracy Exceeds Revenue Metering Specifications
  • MV90 Compatibility
  • Pulse Aggregation & Accumulation allowing for Monitoring & Totaling Electrical Usage & Values such as Water and Gas Usage

Load Curtailment/Energy Savings

The Nexus 1262 utilizes fixed, sliding, thermal and predictive demand integration intervals allowing for improved load management. PLC functionality allows for load curtailment applications based on programmable logical configurations.

Substation Monitoring

The Nexus 1262 with its standard features is the ideal substation-metering device measuring every aspect of power and providing real time revenue quantities. This data can be monitored locally or remotely via direct serial communication, optional on-board Ethernet or onboard modem.

Metering for Critical Customers

For customers concerned with electrical costs, put their minds at rest with 0.08% watt/hour accuracy, historical data logging, load profiling for load management, power quality event recording and analysis tools.

Also Available in Switchboard Mount

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