FiberCom Media Converter

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Convert Between Copper-Wire Ethernet and Fiber Optics

The FiberCom Media Converter provides 10/100Mbps communication between Cat 5 twisted pair Ethernet cables and Fiber Optic cables. The FiberCom protects your copper-wire investment, while extending the range of your communication capability and preparing your network for future optimization.

  • Convert RJ45 copper to intrinsically safe and isolated Ethernet over Fiber Optic
  • Support for half-duplex and full-duplex transmission
  • Ability to extend range of communication from 1000 meters maximum (with twisted pair alone) to 80 kilometers
  • Built-in switching core to implement flow control and reduce broadcast packets
  • Support for the transmission of extra long packets (1600 bytes) over VLAN
  • Built-in 128kB RAM for data buffering
  • Support for auto MDI-MDIX function for seamless device connection
  • Support for link pass-through function (LPF) for fault detection
  • Ability to interface with multiple types of Fiber ports, i.e., dual-fiber multi-mode, dual-fiber single-mode, and single-fiber single-mode
  • Fiber optic immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) improves data transmission, especially in environments with high EMI, e.g., a manufacturing facility’s plant floor

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