Portable Power Quality Analyzer

PDA 1252 Portable Power Quality Analyzer


  • Isolate and Troubleshoot Complex Power Quality Problems
  • Prevent Costly Equipment Damage and Downtime
  • Display Real Time Data Including Waveforms
  • Power Quality CBEMA Compliance
  • Load Flow and Historical Trending Capability
  • Watertight Outdoor Enclosure


The PDA 1252 is a portable power quality analyzer designed to monitor, isolate and troubleshoot power system disturbances. Using our advanced analysis software, the Communicator EXT™ application, view real time data presented in a simple and powerful format. Maximize the Communicator EXT™ application’s power with the optional AiReports to generate disturbance solutions and advanced power reports. The unit is ideal for load surveys, program, monitoring transformer banks and indoor/outdoor electrical monitoring. The PDA 1252 Power Quality Analyzer is mounted in its own watertight carrying case and uses watertight connectors to connect voltage and current leads. Based on the Nexus 1252 platform, the PDA 1252 is easy to use and operate.

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