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Shark 250 Power & Energy Meter

Power & Energy Meter for Utility and Critical Industrial Substations

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Shark 200 Power Meter

Full Featured Multifunction Power Meter with Data Logging, Waveform Recording and Ethernet

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Shark 100 Power Meter

Economical Multifunction Energy and Power Meter

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Shark 100B Power Meter

BACnet / IP Communicating Multifunction Energy and Power Meter

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Shark 50 Power Meter

0.5% Class Multifunction Energy and Power Meter for Low Voltage Circuits

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Shark 50B Power Meter

Dual BACnet MS / TP & Modbus TCP / IP Communicating Multifunction Power Meter

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Self-Enclosed Shark Power Meter Assembly

Multi-function Shark 50, 50B, 100, 100B, 200, or 250 Power Meter in an Enclosure

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Multifunction Switchboard Power Meter Applications for high accuracy performance are available from Electro Industries. Our switchboards and power meter use ultra-compact design while delivering performance and features to match the most advanced electrical distribution systems.

Designed for addressing the most demanding applications, lowering implementation and operational costs, while delivering advanced software based solutions, the Multifunction Switchboard Power Meters provide performance to match or surpass devices many times their cost.

Gather data throughout a facility utilizing our power meter's in-built logging functions which let you record data on voltage, current, power and energy usage. Our devices can be seamlessly integrated with existing or new building management systems by using the BACnet protocol. The switchboard meters have a flexible communications capability and are made with industrial grade components.

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