How To Move Your Business Over To The Smart Grid


Have you heard of the Smart Grid? Maybe you saw it on the news or maybe you heard about it from your local energy provider, but not everybody understands what the “smart grid” actually is. Today, we’re going to focus on explaining what it means to switch over to the smart grid and some of the best ways to make the transfer; see below:

How To Move Your Business Over To The Smart Grid | Power Monitoring | Electro Industries

What Is The Smart Grid?

While some people try to make the smart grid out to be a complex or intricate thing, we’re going to keep it simple. The grid refers to the electric grid, or a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers and a few other components that deliver electricity to your home or business. What makes it “smart” is the new digital technology that allows for two-way communication between the utility and its customers – in other words, you.

How To Move Your Business To The Smart Grid

If you’re ready to start cutting costs and making more of a profit, it’s time to make your way over to the smart grid. What does this mean for you and your business? It means you need to start tracking your energy consumption to find out where you can make vital changes. To do so, it starts with smart meters, or power monitors that allow you to see how much energy you’re using, when you’re using it and how much it’s costing you. After all, properly managing your electricity consumption is the ultimate way to save money.

Ready to get started? You’re in good hands. Electro Industries/GaugeTech specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information within substations, industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Call us today at 866-928-7908 to learn more and don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter!

September 20, 2017

Quality is our Most Important Company Goal

Electro Industries believes that quality is our MOST IMPORTANT company goal. To achieve that goal, we provide a multipoint approach to quality. EIG uses advanced standards, from the purchasing of components to the final shipping of products, to insure that our instruments are free from defects when shipped and operate for many years in service. We provide factory tours and have been know to impress people quite often.

In-Process Environmental Testing and 100% Inspection

EIG meters utilize brand-name, industrial temperature components. They receive 100% component insertion inspection, automated computer controlled testing, temperature deviation-based accelerated life burn-in testing and extensive 2.5 KV dielectric testing. We strive to achieve low failure rates by using comprehensive quality-based design and manufacturing techniques. We test extensively so that users can be confident that when they receive and EIG meter, it is one of the best in the industry.

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