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High Performance Power Quality Monitoring

Next Generation Transient Recording Power Meter with Advanced Power Quality Monitoring and Communication
Cyber Secure Energy Panel Meter with Advanced Power Quality and Multiport Communication
Nexus 1500+ Next Generation Meter for Critical Metering in an Enclosure
Power Quality Meter with Communication
Nexus 1252 Power Meter Substation 19-inch Rack Mount Assembly

Advanced Revenue Meters

Cyber Secured Revenue Energy Meter
Cyber Secured Revenue Energy Switchboard Case Meter
Pre-wired Enclosure for 9S Base Meters
"Performance Enhanced" Utility Billing Revenue Energy Meter with Advanced Communication and Power Quality
Utility Billing Revenue Energy Meter

Multifunction Switchboard Power Meters

Power & Energy Meter for Utility and Critical Industrial Substations
Full Featured Multifunction Power Meter with Data Logging, Waveform Recording and Ethernet
Economical Multifunction Energy and Power Meter
BACnet / IP Communicating Multifunction Energy and Power Meter
0.5% Class Multifunction Energy and Power Meter for Low Voltage Circuits
Dual BACnet MS / TP & Modbus TCP / IP Communicating Multifunction Power Meter
Multi-function Shark 50, 50B, 100, 100B, 200, or 250 Power Meter in an Enclosure

Energy Monitoring / Submetering

Multi-point High-Density Metering System with WiFi
For Three Phase and Single Phase Metering Systems
Advanced Data-Logging WiFi Submeter for Data Acquisition and Load Profiling
Economical WiFi Submeter for Realtime Data Acquisition

Single Function Switchboard Meters

3 Phase Amp / Amp Demand Monitor
3 Phase Volt / Volt Max-Min Monitor
Large LED Single Function Volts, Amps, and Frequency Meter

Energy Management Software

Modular Enterprise-wide Energy Management Monitoring System overview
The base user package of the Energy Manager System with charting, configuration, graphing, and power quality analysis
Automated service application that runs on a computer and functions as an automation engine to manage meters for users and generate reports of electrical usage
Energy Dashboard, energy reporting and automated billing software
This HMI module allows the user to connect a graphical HMI interface to the software

Communication Converter Products

Easily Convert Shark and Nexus meters to BACnet and LonWorks
Communication Interface Converter RS232 to RS485 or Fiber Optics
Converts Between Copper-Wire Ethernet and Fiber Optics
Buffered RS485 Converter for Telephones
Provides IrDA access to a PC computer
CAB26522 - USB-A to Mini-B 2.0

Instrument Transformers

480VAC/120VAC, 75VA Control Power Transformer
Choose between our Solid Core CTs and Split Core Cts
Potential Transformer
Potential Transformer

Switchboard Accessories

Universal Substation Grade Power Supply - 12VA
Designed to protect critical substation equipment from damaging transients
Extends WiFi Network for the Shark 100S/200S meters and the MP200 Metering System with WiFi
EI-CP Accessory Fuse Kit provides short circuit protection of the wiring used to connect to the control power input and phase conductor inputs.
SWCH1983 - Miniature test switches are compact, versatile solutions for disconnecting and testing devices and circuits.
EI-30CT04DR/EI-30CT06DR - Din Rail Mount, Current Transformer Shorting Block
Provides a fast, simple method to connect a Shark® 270 Meter with a serial interface to a computer with a USB port
Designed for use with the Nexus® 1450 Cyber Secure Energy panel meter.

Optical / Serial Cables

Optical Reader Probe with USB
5 Wire Assembly Cable for Serial Communication for Protective Relays
Straight RS232 Cable - 6 feet long
Provides a fast, simple method to connect an EIG power meter with an RS485 interface to a computer with a USB port
Provides a fast, simple method to connect a Shark® 270 Meter with a serial interface to a computer with a USB port

Replacement Accessories

Replacement cover for the Shark® 270 revenue meter
Replacement cover for the Nexus® 1262/1272 meter

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