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Shark 270 Energy Meter I/O Terminal Breakout Box Kit

Price : $75.00

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  • Easily connects from meter’s I/O to your equipment
  • Uses your current wiring scheme
  • Saves time
  • Provides convenient point of termination

General Description

EIG’s CONN20163-KT terminal breakout box kit lets you connect the Shark® 270 meter to your equipment in a simple, one-step process, giving you access to the capabilities of the Shark® 270 high accuracy socket revenue meter while utilizing your current wiring scheme.

Simply use the kit’s cable to connect from one of the meter’s RJ45 I/O connectors to the RJ45 port on the CONN20163 unit. The CONN20163 converts the RJ45 cable connection to an 8 pole screw terminal receptacle that can be used for connecting I/O wiring to your equipment, saving you time and providing a convenient point of termination.

The CONN20163-KT includes the CONN20163 unit, a 3-foot CAT6 cable, and a cable label sheet.

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