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Perfect for Industrial, Commercial and Utility Applications, the “Performance Enhanced” Nexus 1252 is the newest power meter in the industry-leading Nexus series. The 1252 includes all the attributes of the Nexus 1250 as well as a host of new features that arm users with the highest level of PQ analysis and communication on the market today including:

  • EN 50160 Flicker and Compliance Monitoring
  • Interharmonic Analysis
  • DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus Protocol
  • Enhanced Log Downloading
  • Customized Modbus Mappings

Compliant with EN 50160 international standards, the 1252 enables users to perform flicker analysis that can be damaging to both equipment and humans. The unit provides you with logging and monitoring for instantaneous Short Term (PST-10 Min) and Long Term (PLT-4 hour) evaluation.

The Nexus 1252 Log Viewer program provides users with the ability to do more comprehensive analysis by viewing Interharmonics, the further frequencies between the harmonics of the power frequency voltage and current which are not integers between the fundamental.

Incorporating the Industry leading, most advanced DNP 3.0 Implementation Protocol (DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus), the Nexus 1252 complies with all DNP Level 1 and Level 2 certification requirements and additional key features including:

  • Mapping of up to 136 measurements to DNP Static points
  • Up to 16 Relays and 8 resets controlled through DNP
  • Flexible combinations of 4 events (Binary Input Change, Frozen Counter, Counter Change, Analog Change) for up to 250 Events
  • Freeze Commands

Standard Advanced Features Include:

High-Performance Revenue Metering

  • Patented Pending ACCU-MEASURE Sensing Technology
  • Laboratory Grade 0.04% Watt-Hour Accuracy
  • Exceeds all ANSI C-12 and IEC 687 Specifications
  • Auto Calibration with Temperature Compensation
  • Onboard 20-year Time of Use
  • Load Aggregation
  • Transformer Loss Compensation

High-Performance Power Quality Monitoring

  • High-Speed Transient Recording
  • Record up to 512 Samples per Cycle
  • EN 50160 Flicker and Compliance Monitoring
  • Voltage Surge and Sag Recording
  • Fault Recording and Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis to 255th Order
  • Interharmonic Analysis
  • Onboard CBEMA Logging
  • GPS Clock Sync

Advanced Memory, Communication, Control and RTU Functions

  • 4 High-Speed Com Ports
  • Multiple Protocols including DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus
  • Optional Onboard Ethernet/Internet Access – Total Web Solutions
  • Optional Internal 56K Modem
  • Built-in RTU Functionality
  • Built-in PLC Functionality
  • 90msec. High-Speed Updates for Control
  • MV-90 Compatible

Technology for both the Utility Power Quality and Revenue Metering Departments

Historically, within a utility, separate departments managed revenue metering and power quality issues. Today, these departments are merging. Metering departments are providing additional value to keep customers loyal to the Power Utility. This also applies to inter-ties between utilities. To meet these applications, Nexus combines the features of a high-end revenue meter with advanced power quality. Nexus is the premier metering product encompassing a technological quantum leap.

Industrial and Institutional Users Obtain High-End Power Quality and Accurate Billing Measurements

Industrial and commercial customers require “High- End” power quality monitoring to record surges, sags and transients within a facility. Traditionally, expensive portable power quality equipment accomplished this task. With Nexus, the data is always available on-line in the power meter to provide the needed power quality assessment immediately. Moreover, Nexus’ precision accuracy can be used for primary metering, sub-metering or to check the installed utility meter.

User Defined Expandable I/O, RTU and Trending Functions Customize Nexus for Every Application

Nexus offers virtually unlimited I/O capability in conjunction with all metering functions. Using the expandable I/O allows the meter to be used for every metering and data gathering application. Nexus’ modular plug and play modules allow you to add Analog and Digital I/O to specifically meet your application. You will no longer need PLCs or RTUs to accomplish these tasks.

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