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entraNET 900 – Access Point

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The entraNET 900 is an ultra long-range, industrial, wireless IP/Ethernet solution, with a high level of cyber-security. It allows the connection of Ethernet and/or serial devices to an IP network. This includes mission-critical, revenue-generating data from fixed assets such as oil and gas wells, compressor stations, pipelines, fluid storage tanks and utility meters. It can also be used in vehicles to provide mobile network access. EntraNET 900 uses advanced 900 MHz FHSS technology for license-free operation in the 902-928 MHz ISM band. It is capable of a 20-25 mile range and 106 kbps over-the-air data rate communications.


  • Long Range: 20-25 miles
  • Low Power Consumption Reduced solar panel and battery installation costs
  • Ethernet and serial interfaces allow migration of existing serial devices to IP networks
  • Industrial Grade Performance Class 1 Div 2& extended temperature
    range for extreme environments
  • Fast Up to 106 Kbps data rate over the air
  • DNP.3 Protocol Aware Recognizes DNP.3 addressing allowing serial and Ethernet devices to communicate in
    peer-to-peer mode
  • P22 Protected Access Point option enhances network availability
  • License free Deploy immediately


  • Long Range Wireless Ethernet
  • Gateway for serial/legacy networks and/or devices to IP network
  • Mobile network access for vehicle based operation

Why use an entraNET 900 Wireless Network Solution?

  • Longest range industrial product in its class. Providing lowest cost of ownership.
  • Secure wireless operation with multiple layers of protection, including 900 MHz physical layer, 128-bit data encryption, two-way authentication and dynamic key rotation.
  • Reliable – Designed and built for low failure rates and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Resilient – The P22 protected Access Point (a chassis housing two AP radios in a warm standby configuration) increases the availability of mission-critical point-to-multipoint networks.
  • Flexible – The entraNET 900 supports multiple users connecting to multiple applications via multiple protocols on the same entraNET 900 unit or the same network – simultaneously!
  • Future proof – The entraNET 900 adheres to open standards, allowing it to interface with a wide range of external devices enabling both new and old technologies to communicate.
  • Comprehensive Network Management – Compatible with MDS NETview MS and any standard off-the-shelf SNMP management system.

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