ANT18769 – Remote Mounted Wireless WiFi Antenna

Price : $66.00

Ships within 24 hours

For use with Shark 100S and Shark 200S Meters


Extends WiFi Network for the Shark 100S/200S meters and the MP200 Metering System with WiFi. The ANT18769 comes with the antenna, the magnetic base, and a 2000mm coaxial cable. The ANT18769 is designed for use with the Shark 100S/ Shark 200S sub-meters and the MP200 meter’s System with the WiFi option. It is easily connected to the meter’s WiFi jack.

  • Designed to extend WiFi communication for the Shark 100S/Shark 200S meters and the MP200 Metering System
  • Mounts easily via a magnetic base
  • Kit contains everything necessary to be up and running in minutes
  • Can be used with any wireless router to extend a WiFi network
  • Coaxial cable for connection to meters

Download a Detailed Drawing

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