Advanced Revenue Meters

Nexus 1262 Auto-Calibrating Revenue Energy Meter


  • Highly Advanced Revenue Metering
  • Auto-Calibrating Metrology for Energy Management
  • Advanced Communication
  • DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus Protocol
  • Basic Power Quality Measurements
  • Ethernet / Modem Combo Card
  • Multi-Socket 100BaseT Ethernet Communication


Electro Industries/GaugeTech now offers an economical solution to your metering requirements. The new Nexus 1262 meter combines EIG’s latest performance enhancing technology into an affordable socket based meter that meets and exceeds the needs of virtually all utility or industrial metering and analysis applications. This unit specifically meets the sophisticated standards required by utility companies and deregulated power providers for advanced revenue metering and power quality.

Standard features in the 1262 include a fully programmable graphical backlit LCD display (easily read in all lighting conditions), compact low profile design, auto-calibrating accuracy measurements and communication protocols.


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