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Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Name: Pacific Gas and Electric

For Energy Providers (Utilities, Municipals, ESPs, Independents, etc.)

Power Distribution Reliability

  • Monitor Voltage Variations
  • Record Faults and Time Protective Equipment
  • Monitor Reliability of Breakers and Relays
  • Uncover Optimal Course Of Action to Rectify Events
  • View Historical Data to Avoid Future Events

Substation Automation Solutions

  • Heighten Emergency Response Time
  • Shed or Shift Loads Quickly
  • Identify and Manage Peak Demand
  • Upgrade Substation Monitoring Technology
  • Improve Levels of Communication and Data Transmission Including DNP 3.0 and Ethernet Solutions
  • Increase Accuracy of Revenue Metering and Billing Systems

Customer Service/Energy Marketing

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Service More Customers Through Power Information
  • Provide Customers with Immediate Power Quality Solutions
  • Improve Power Distribution Reliability

For Energy Consumers (Industrial, Commercial, Government, etc.)

Power Quality Management

  • Real Time Power Quality Monitoring
  • Control/Manage Energy Consumption More Efficiently
  • Optimize Loads
  • Respond to Events
  • Pinpoint Problems with Power Quality

Operations and Facilities Management

  • Improve Operational Efficiency of the Power System
  • Increase Productivity/Reduce Downtime
  • Discover Unused Energy Capacity
  • Manage Capital Expenditures
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Schedule Maintenance Efficiently
  • Manage Larger Quantities of Energy
  • Expand Metering Abilities Geographically

Energy Cost Control

  • Verify Accuracy of Energy Bills
  • Negotiate Future Energy Costs
  • Avoid Utility Penalties for Exceeding Usage
  • Allocate Interdepartmental Costs Accurately
  • Reduce Operating Costs/Identify Waste
  • Plan Budget and Usage Projections More Accurately

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