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The Importance of Support in Metering

Identifying the correct meter to fit your business or facility’s needs can become an overwhelming task. Smart meters are complex, and EIG has over 20,000 different combinations of part numbers, all offering different features and specifications. That is why customer support in metering is such a valuable asset, and so essential to have. EIG strives to help customers throughout the buying process, to ensure they are given the correct solution to accomplish all their goals and achieve the desired outcome. Our customer support reps work with you to figure out which meter will best fit both your needs and your budget, and continue with you throughout the entire buying process. We also pride ourselves in providing you with after-sales support, by answering all your questions and solving any problems that arise after the installation. We want you to have a smooth transition to our meters and make use of their full potential. Here are some of the ways EIG makes sure each valued customer gets the proper support they deserve:

  1. Sales Engineers

Our sales engineers are your main point of contact throughout the buying process. Our team has extensive metering knowledge, with some of our team members having been with us for over 20 years! EIG sales engineers are constantly traveling to job sites in order to give our customers the most personalized experience possible, and get a better understanding of what their needs are. Our sales engineers’ main goal is to help you, the customer, achieve your goals and to make your life easier.

  1. Technical Support

Our technical support team, just like our team of sales engineers, is made up of experienced engineers with a specialized focus on metering. They are extensively trained on both our meters and our software, which gives them the ability to provide you with effective solutions for all your technical questions that may arise, either during the buying process, or after you have already purchased the meter. They also travel to customer sites to help with any issues that arise after the meter is already set up. All of EIG’s technical support personnel are qualified Customer Support Specialists who are available via phone, email, or fax 12 hours a day. Customer support hours are 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday, and you can send an email requesting help at any time to support@electroind.com

  1. Meter Training’s

EIG hosts meter training classes 10-12 times a year throughout the United States. These classes provide in-depth information about our meters and software, explaining the full functionality of the Shark® and Nexus® family of meters. Training classes are conducted by our Field Application Engineers, who are constantly gaining firsthand knowledge, in the field, of customers main needs, as well as diagnosing customer issues. As a result, they know the most important topics are to cover. In addition, training classes are interactive and open to any and all questions. This is a perfect opportunity for novice and experienced users alike to learn more about power metering and to get answers to any questions or concerns. For more information about our upcoming training classes click here.

  1. Digital Help

Browsing our website and reading our brochures are two great ways to become informed about the extensive list of meters we have to offer. Check out some of the following links to get started:







A meter training in Ankeny, Iowa pictured above.

Shark 250 & Shark 270 Security Features


The Shark® 250  and Shark® 270 Meters’ Security Features Include:

  • An admin level and up to 8 levels of passwords support customized levels of access.Passwords are 30 character alphanumeric.
  • Usernames and passwords are encrypted when sent to the meter, to further enhance security.
  • The meter offers a physical sealing switch for added security.
  • You can add customized security restrictions to the following functions:
    • Reset energy readings.
    • Upload firmware.
    • Reset demand.
    • Download and reset logs – access can be controlled for each log, independently.
    • Edit and upload programmable settings.
    • Edit TOU calendar, read TOU data, and reset TOU accumulators.
    • Execute Test Mode.
    • Edit CT/PT compensation.
    • Back up meter files.
    • Control read access for a COM port.
    • Access control functions for I/O.
    • Reset input and output counters.
    • Meter restart.
    • Manual waveform recording.
    • Date/time change.
    • Set preset energy.
    • Upload LCD screens.
    • Change V-SwitchTM key.

For more information about the Shark 250 meter, visit this webpage:

For more information about the Shark 270 meter, visit this webpage:


EIG’s Releases Update for EnergyReporter EXT™ Software

Westbury, NY (Wednesday, August 14, 2019) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces the release of an updated version, (V. 4.05.117) for its EnergyReporter EXT™ energy dashboard and usage reporting software. The application now gives the customer the ability to generate and email customized invoices as well as bills, and to generate a Consumption report that can be emailed with the bill or invoice.

The ability to create a custom range bill or invoice has also been added. This feature is a major advantage for Tenant metering, since it allows a customer to generate bills that are not set on a monthly schedule, for example when a tenant moves in or out in the middle of a month. Also, this feature lets the customer generate bills for longer than a month.

Current customers can contact EIG’s Technical Support team for software update instructions.

For more information on the EnergyReporter EXT™ application, visit this webpage:

EIG Releases Firmware Enhancements & 4GLTE Wireless Shark® 270 Revenue Meter

Westbury, NY (Wednesday, August 14, 2019) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces the release of a new firmware version for its popular Shark® 270 revenue meter. This update includes many new and useful features for the meter to support more complex metering needs. The firmware is field upgradable and free to EIG customers.

The new features include:

  • Auto Freeze added for DNP3 to support Utility complex billing applications and additional DNP3 Default Variations to support legacy DNP RTU installations.
  • Support for the option of computing energy in the interval on either secondary or primary for customers using MV90 with secondary values.
  • Expanded test mode capabilities include assigning all energies to Test Pulse 2 for more specialized test plans.
  • Freeze Registers for Max values and timestamp for Demand, before reset.
  • Expanded sub-interval support for rolling window Demand.

EIG’s Communicator EXT™ energy management software has been updated to support these new features. If a user owns a licensed version of the software, it will prompt them automatically to upgrade the software at no additional cost.

Current customers can contact EIG’s Technical Support team for firmware and software update support.

For additional information on the Shark® 270 meter and the 4GLTE cellular modem, visit this webpage:

Upgrade Your Meter to 4G LTE™ Technology


The cellular infrastructure that is required in order to support 3G technology will soon be shut down. Cellular companies have made the decision to phase out their 2G and 3G networks in favor of newer 4G LTE™ communication. Recently, these companies have become more aggressive in pursuing this goal. Verizon has already announced a complete shutdown of their 3G network by the end of the 2019 calendar year. This is following last year’s termination of activating new 2G cards. Other carriers are likely to follow suit, with expected shutdown dates as early as 2020.

There are a few different reasons that carriers have chosen to do away with 2G and 3G. One main reason is that the elimination of 2G and 3G networks is more cost effective for cellular companies. In addition, more users and devices can connect onto the LTE™ network than onto 3G networks. Another reason is that it will allow the networks to shift their focus to further improving 4G LTE™ technology. Without having to manage the 2G and 3G cellular infrastructure, they can put more time into making 4G LTE™ communication more efficient and reliable, as well as increasing its overall speed for all users. The good news is that the elimination of 3G is advantageous for 4G LTE™ users.

The Shark® 270 Underglass Socket Revenue Meter has 4G LTE™ internal wireless communication that is certified by Verizon Wireless. Along with its numerous other features, the Shark® 270’s 4G LTE™ implementation is an extremely valuable resource for metering:

  1. More Cost Effective. 4G LTE™ technology is not only more cost-effective for cellular companies but for you as well. Using the Shark® 270 Underglass 4G LTE™ Wireless Cellular Communication allows a direct replacement for costly AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).
  2. Faster Speed. The 4G LTE™ network already runs much faster than both 3G and networks connected to Wi-Fi. Once 3G goes away, the 4G LTE™ communication speed will become even quicker. This high-speed capability allows you to program meters and download data faster than ever before.
  3. Easier Access for the User. There will be no need for a 2G or 3G port, or a connection to Wi-Fi, thus eliminating an extra point of access that is otherwise necessary. This increases the ease of programming the meter, fixing issues, and overall use.
  4. More Cyber-Secure. Not needing a 2G or 3G port eliminates an extra point of access that could potentially be hacked. This fact, combined with the Shark® 270 being one of the most Cyber secure meters available, increases its protection against malicious users. Securely communicate using virtual private network infrastructures on the 4G LTE™ network.
  5. Long-Term Usage. With 2G and 3G LTE being phased out, 4G LTE™ communication is your best option for long-term usability as well as reliability. 4G technology will be a primary option for many years to come. Combined with its cost-effective nature, this new technology makes a great long-term option.

If you are a business or utility and are interested in upgrading your meters to 4G LTE™ communication, call today to speak to an engineering support specialist and receive a free quote on our Shark® 270 revenue meter. 877-346-3837.


To access our Shark® 270 Revenue Energy Meter Brochure:


To get your 4G LTE™ Demo:



LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

EIG’s Shark® 270 Revenue Meter Offers 4G Cellular Modem

Westbury, NY (Thursday, May 23, 2019) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces the release of an underglass cellular modem for its Shark® 270 0.1% Class accuracy revenue meter. The 4GLTE cellular wireless option adds 4G LTE™ Verizon-certified communication to the Shark® 270 socket form revenue meter’s standard RS485 and Optical port and optional Ethernet communication. This cost-effective solution may supplement or replace costly AMI infrastructure.

The 4GLTE cellular modem can be used both for remotely collecting data and for programming the meter remotely, including performing meter firmware updates. The 4GLTE can be commissioned independently or through EIG for easy installation. It offers secure communication using a virtual private network infrastructure. Using the 4GLTE a customer can collect metering data and power quality waveforms from the same connection, wirelessly.

For additional information on the Shark® 270 meter and the 4GLTE cellular modem, visit this webpage:

The Importance of Cyber Security in Metering


Cyber security is essential to making sure your business is protected and safe from a malicious attack. Just a single incident of a hacker getting access into your system can cause an immeasurable amount of damage to, and issues with, both your company’s data and its reputation, sometimes permanently. Today’s hackers are extremely skilled, which makes preventing a malicious cyber-attack incredibly difficult. For example, a malicious attacker uses not only their technological savvy, but also strategies intended to trick an employee into unknowingly giving them access. This is called a social engineering attack. As hackers’ methods and knowledge become more advanced, cyber security must also continue to evolve in order to fend off malevolent intruders.

Utilities and Commercial applications are especially vulnerable in that they typically have power meters in their facilities that, when hacked, can allow an intruder to cause a tremendous amount of damage to the facility and the company. In places such as utilities, hackers will attempt to gain access to power meters and from there take down the entire power system, or even completely shut down an electrical grid. Even a short amount of time without power can cause large financial losses, which may have lasting effects on the company and employees as a result. These situations are even more frightening for hospitals. Every hospital measures their power quality to make sure there are no sags or surges in their electricity, but regardless of the power quality a malicious user can breach a non-secure power meter and turn off power throughout the hospital. Hospitals need their power to constantly be on, as they have equipment monitoring patients and even keeping them alive. A temporary loss of power could cause the death of innocent individuals, which shows how crucial it is for hospitals to have cyber secure power and energy meters.

These prevalent dangers increase the necessity for cyber secure meters in hospitals and utilities, but any business that needs metering can benefit from meters that are cyber secure and unlikely to be compromised. The Shark® 250, Shark® 270, Nexus® 1450 and Nexus® 1500+ meters are all highly advanced in cyber security and offer some of the best protection possible. Both Shark® meters have 32-bit AES encryption, while both Nexus® meters have 128-bit encryption. Data encryption helps protect your data by encoding it, thereby blocking unauthorized personnel from accessing it.  The encryption method used by both the Shark® and Nexus® meters includes encrypting both your username and password as they are sent to the meter and changing the encryption every time you log in, so that it always remains unpredictable. In addition, the Nexus® 1450 and Nexus® 1500+ meters offer the added protection of digitally “signed” cryptographic signatures. These digital signatures insure that any firmware loaded into the meter is authentic, since the digital signature of the meter and the firmware must match. This eliminates the possibility of outside infiltration of your meter. Shark® and Nexus® meters also offer a feature called limitation of access, which allows the setup of limited handpicked permissions and capabilities for users, to help fight against the aforementioned social engineering attacks, or even protect your company against disgruntled employees. A security lock function is also available, if needed, to prevent security from ever becoming disabled. Other security features include password fail timeouts and the ability to customize security restrictions for over fifteen different functions.

The alarming ease and increasing rate of overall intrusions into business operations should be enough of a warning to keep your business’s data cyber secure. Too often businesses wait until after a security breach to investigate advancing their cyber security set up. Protection needs to come before an incident occurs, to ensure that your reputation and your data remain in-tact. Take advantage of the many benefits that our Shark® and Nexus® meters have to offer and allow yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your business is cyber secure. Speak to an EIG Rep today and getting more information on protecting your business with our cyber-secure Shark® and Nexus® meters.

EIG Releases Color Touchscreen External Display for Nexus® 1450 Meter

Westbury, NY (Tuesday, May 7, 2019) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces the release of the P70N color touchscreen external LCD display for the Nexus® 1450 high-accuracy Cyber secure energy panel meter with advanced power quality analysis and multiport communication.

The P70N display offers multiple pre-configured screens of meter readings and power quality data for remote viewing. It joins the P40N+ display series as optional remote displays for the Nexus® 1450 meter. The P70N connects to any of the meter’s four RS485 ports. Firmware update is available through the display’s USB port.

Communication capabilities include a standard front USB port and back RS485 port, and two optional Ethernet ports, and supported communication protocols include Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, Level 2 DNP3, and IEC 61850. Power quality features of the meter include the ability to measure harmonics to the 40th order, limits for alarms and control, up to 512 samples per cycle waveform recording on surge and sag events, current fault events, and much more. Like the other EIG meters, it is field upgradeable, so a meter with more basic capabilities can be purchased and advanced features can be added as needed by the application.

For additional information on the Nexus® 1450 meter and the P70N touchscreen LCD display, visit this webpage:

EIG Software Fixes Current Transformer Reversals

One common issue many of our customers face is that the Current Transformers (CTs) are reversed during setup. Reversal in the wiring of the CTs leads to negative wattage being displayed on the meter. This becomes an issue when trying to get accurate readings. Even worse, a potential shutdown may need to occur in order to successfully reverse the wires. Having to perform a shutdown can cause your company both data and financial losses.

Depending on your setup, you may not have enough room, access, or even the ability to reverse the wires. This can make a simple CT reversal difficult and, without a doubt, irritating. EIG provides a simple solution to deal with this common problem that many of our customers face. Our Meter-Manager EXT software allows for configuration of reversed CTs on our Shark® 250 and Shark® 270 energy meters. This quick fix will save you time and stress and stops a potential shutdown.

Learn more about our Shark® 250 meter here:


Learn more about our Shark®270 meter here:


Learn more about our Meter Manager EXT here:


Electro Industries’ Shark® 250 Category Winner in EC&M’s 2019 Product of the Year

Westbury, NY (Wednesday, April 24, 2019) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announced that its Shark® 250 power and energy meter for Utility and critical Industrial substations was declared the Winner in the Metering and Monitoring Equipment category of EC&M’s 2019 Product of the Year contest.

The EC&M Product of the Year award recognizes outstanding design and utility for products released in 2018. Being named metering category winner affirms the uniqueness of the Shark® 250 meter in the marketplace. This 0.2% revenue accurate meter offers a Cyber secured configuration for non-intrusive substation use; enhanced revenue metering features such as perpetual Time of Use, Test Mode and Energy Presets, and CT/PT Compensation; up to 128 MB of memory for comprehensive load studies; and a rugged design for harsh environments, with standard conformal coating and superior surge withstand capability.

Communication capabilities include a standard front USB port and back RS485 port, and two optional Ethernet ports, and supported communication protocols include Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, Level 2 DNP3, and IEC 61850. Power quality features of the meter include the ability to measure harmonics to the 40th order, limits for alarms and control, up to 512 samples per cycle waveform recording on surge and sag events, current fault events, and much more. Like the other EIG meters, it is field upgradeable, so a meter with more basic capabilities can be purchased and advanced features can be added as needed by the application.

This is not the first win for the Shark® 250 meter – in November the meter was a Finalist in the Energy Management category of Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year contest.

For additional information on the Shark® 250 meter, visit its webpage:

EIG’s Shark® 270 Revenue Meter Certified to ANSI C12.20 0.1% Class

Westbury, NY (Tuesday, April 23, 2019) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces that its Shark® 270 revenue meter has been certified to the ANSI C12.20 0.1% Class accuracy standard, the highest accuracy standard for revenue meters. 0.1% Class accuracy was introduced by ANSI in 2017 as a revision to the ANSI C12.20-2015 standard meant to address regulatory and technical changes in the electrical industry for critical metering applications.

In addition to higher accuracy, tests were added requiring meters to conform to additional accuracy standards for non-sinusoidal waveforms, to insure accuracy in the presence of harmonics. Using 0.1% Class certified meters assures compliance for large load customer metering, power generation, and distributed energy.

The Shark® 270 revenue meter is available in both socket and switchboard form. Additional features include:

  • Enhanced Cyber secured encrypted configuration that prevents tampering and hacking of your power system data.
  • Multiport communication – standard RS485 and ANSI Type 2 optical ports and optional Ethernet and serial ports.
  • New 4G LTE underglass cellular modem card for collecting meter data and meter programming.
  • Level 2 DNP3 and IEC 61850 Protocol support as well as Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP.
  • Extensive upgradable I/O for control and pulse counting applications.
  • Up to 128 MB of memory for storage and data trending/up to 512 samples/cycle waveform recording for power quality analysis.
  • Customizable display screen.

For additional information on the Shark® 270 meter, visit its webpage:

Shark 270 Product Overview

Our mission to innovate and produce ground breaking new technology has led us to where we are today. One of our favorite innovations is the Shark 270 Revenue Power Meter, serving utility, industrial and commercial customers worldwide.

The meter is highly accurate and complies with both U.S. and international revenue metering standards. Most importantly, it includes state of the art cyber security features.

The Shark 270 is the perfect tool to improve power reliability and measure energy usage in an electrical distribution system. Learn why in the video below.



Our dedication to excellence, responsiveness to our customers’ needs and pursuit of innovation has helped ensure our growth for the past 40+ years. Let’s keep growing together.

Facts you should know about Commercial Energy Waste in 2019

Energy efficiency is top of mind for all and commercial buildings bear a huge responsibility. Between the number of commercial and industrial facilities worldwide and the remaining inefficient infrastructure, there is still a lot of progress to be made where commercial energy waste is concerned.

Here are the 3 top facts we think you should know in 2019:

  1. Commercial buildings account for 20% of all US energy consumption and as much as 30% of that use is waste from inefficiencies (MIT Energy Initiative).
  2. Mercantile and service commercial buildings, such as malls, dry cleaners and gas stations, account for the largest percentage of commercial energy consumption at 15%. Office facilities rank second and are just shy of service properties at 14%. (U.S. Department of Energy)
  3. The U.S spends roughly $400 billion on commercial and industrial energy each year. Just a 10% improvement in energy efficiency could contribute to an annual $40 billion in energy cost savings. (Constellation)

Wondering how you can save? Talk to Electro Industries about submetering solutions.

Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information within substations, industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Using EIG power meters, you are able to monitor energy usage, record power quality and log revenue grade energy data throughout a distribution system.

Sign Up for EIG’s Northwest Power Meter Training: April 16 & 17

San Mateo, CA – we’re headed for you! And this time we’re bringing an extra half hour of FREE training each day and complimentary lunch.

As usual, our two-day training will focus on familiarizing you with the features of our Shark® and Nexus® series meters. Networking with other utility users is an added course benefit! Register today as space is limited.

When: Tuesday, April 16th & Wednesday, April 17th (8:30 AM – 5 PM both days)

Where: Hillsdale Shopping Mall, Sixty 31st Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

Take a look at our training flyer for full details, including what to bring and how to install the software we’ll be reviewing during this course!

Electro Industries/Gauge Tech has met the standards and requirements of the Registered Continuing Education Program. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to RCEP. Certificates of Completion will be issued to all requesting participants.

Questions? Reach out to Sean Bell at sbell@electroind.com.

#InternationalWomensDay 5 Facts About Women in Engineering

This Friday, March 8th, marks International Women’s Day. In the spirit of the 2019 campaign theme, #BalanceforBetter, we’re sharing 5 facts about women in engineering:

  1. Women made up 15.9% of all those employed in Architecture & Engineering Occupations in the U.S. in 2018.
  2. The number of women in engineering in the U.S. has not increased since the early 2000s.
  3. In 2017, women in the U.S. earned the highest percentage of bachelor degrees, compared to any other engineering degree, in environment engineering at 50%.
  4. In 2015, the country with the highest percentage of women earning Bachelor Degrees in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction was Mexico at 12%.
  5. The University of California – San Diego graduated the highest proportion of female STEM majors at 32.7%.

For the full International Women’s Day experience, visit their website.

Interested in a career in engineering? Electro Industries currently has 3 open positions.

For over four decades, EIG has engineered and manufactured power meters with advanced analysis capabilities. Electrical providers worldwide rely on data captured and recorded by EIG meters to monitor, protect and improve the reliability of electrical power.

Free Power Meter Training Rolling Through Buffalo, New York!

We’re heading north from EIG HQ! It’s not too late to register for our March Training in Buffalo, NY.

In order to get the most out of the technology you’ve installed (or are considering installing) it’s important that you fully understand the various functions so you can adapt our meters to fit your unique needs. Networking with other utility users is an added course benefit!

Space is limited so please register today.

Where: Holiday Inn Buffalo-Intl Airport, 4600 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY 14225

When: Tuesday, March 26th and Wednesday, March 27th (9 AM – 5 PM both days)

Why: Getting full functionality out of your meter is important! Both novice and experienced users will benefit.

Take a look at our training flyer for full details, including what to bring and how to install the software we’ll be reviewing during this course!

Contact our local representatives for additional information:

Richard Girard at rgirard@electroind.com

Kevin Bhagat at kbhagat@electroind.com

Can’t make this training but need the support? We have a jam-packed training calendar in 2019! Be sure to take a look on our website.

National Engineers Week: 5 Popular Engineering Careers

Electro Industries is proud to promote Engineers Week 2019, which kicked off yesterday and continues through Saturday, February 23rd.

In celebration, we’re highlighting five popular careers in engineering – a high-level overview and earning potential. In alphabetical order:

Computer Engineering – Responsible for the improvement of computer systems and hardware, computer engineers bring immense value in today’s technology driven society.

Average Annual Salary: $75,047 (PayScale)

Electrical Engineering – Tasked with the creation of the systems that power our universe, electrical engineers must be experts in the physics and mathematics of electricity.

Average Annual Salary: $73,608 (PayScale)

Industrial Engineering – Ultimately responsible for reducing costs and increasing efficiency, industrial engineers must be skilled in quality control and operations management.

Average Annual Salary: $65,367 (PayScale)

Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical engineers architect an array of machines and devices. Biomedical devices and refrigeration systems are common examples.

Average Annual Salary: $69,196 (PayScale)

Software Engineering – Capable of developing the computer applications that change the way we do business and interact with others (i.e. social networks), software engineers must also be highly trained in cyber security as data protection remains a growing concern.

Average Annual Salary: $83,576 (PayScale)

Engineers are an integral part of the team at EIG and the companies we work with. Take a look at our open positions for sample job descriptions.

Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information within substations, industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

Fall in love with our Power Meter Trainers! Join us next week in Southern California

There’s still time to squeeze in a little education just before Valentine’s Day! Our upcoming two-day training will be FREE and focus on the features of our Shark® and Nexus® series meters.

In order to get the most out of the technology you’ve installed (or are considering installing) it’s important that you fully understand the various functions so you can adapt our meters to fit your unique needs. Networking with other utility users is an added course benefit!

Registration is still open! Especially if you’re in the Orange County area, there’s no reason not to join us!

Where: Holiday Inn Orange County Airport, 2726 South Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

When: Tuesday, February 12th and Wednesday, February 13th (9 AM – 5 PM both days)

Why: Getting full functionality out of your meter is important! Both novice and experienced users will benefit.

Take a look at our training flyer for full details, including what to bring and how to install the software we’ll be reviewing during this course!

Contact our local representatives for additional information:

Prejoe Mathew at pmathew@electroind.com

Rose Martin-Fugen at rmartin@electroind.com

Sanjeev Niroula at sniroula@electroind.com

Can’t make this training but need the support? We have a jam-packed training calendar in 2019! Be sure to take a look on our website.

Sneak Peak: 2019 Power Meter Training Schedule

Who’s ready for a jam packed year of FREE Electro Industries Power Meter Training? We’re making our way to the West Coast and the East Coast, plus a couple of places in between!

Whether you joined us last year or are a new engineer on your team, we’d love to have you at one of this year’s events. Take a look at our complete 2019 schedule below and be sure to save the date for the one that works best for you. Check back anytime to see if registration for your desired date becomes available.

February: On the 12th and 13th we’ll be in Southern California. (Registration for this event is still open.)

March: We’ll be heading up to Buffalo for the 26th and 27th. Event details are coming soon!

April: Join us back in California at the Hillsdale Shopping Mall on the 16th and 17th. You can register for this event today.

May: Nothing like a trip to Nashville, TN! Dates and location are still in the works.

June: Join us on June 11th and 12th in Cincinnati, OH. Stay tuned for event details.

August: Join us on August 21st and 22nd in Washington, D.C. Stay tuned for event details.

September: Join us September 17th and 18th in Boston, MA. Stay tuned for event details.

Don’t forget! All of our power meter training sessions are RCEP certified. Earn 14 Professional Development Hours.

Electro Industries/GaugeTech power meters are an essential part of your company’s operation. The more effectively and efficiently you are able to use our meters, the more they will be able to contribute to the success of your endeavors. Our training programs are specifically designed to help you get the most out of the technology you have installed.

What is an Electrical Substation? (& the Main Types)

Electric high-power station and powerful transformers

According to a 2016 article from foreignpolicy.com, there are over 55,000 substations and over 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission line in the United States today. These substations play a critical role in effectively delivering power to residencies and commercial buildings across the country every day.

Substations exist as part of the larger electrical grid system to transform high voltage into low voltage and vice versa. These “middle man” stations work to deliver power from the main generators to the end user.

Step up and step down substations. As mentioned above, a substation’s main function is to transform voltage upon receipt for delivery. Step up substations transform low voltage to high voltage, while step down substations transform high voltage to low voltage.

Distribution substation. Nearest to the end user, these are necessary to deliver low levels of voltage for residential and commercial needs. In most scenarios, these stations will be fed by the step down substations.

Indoor, outdoor and underground. Substations are built in one of these three main environments. In all cases, lineman are responsible for the daily upkeep and intermittent restoration needs. Lineman are an integral part of the success of these 55,000 substations nationwide and the electrical grid as a whole.

For more on substations, visit osha.gov, or reach out to the expert team of technicians at Electro Industries. Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information within substations, industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

Ways Commercial Buildings Can Save Energy this winter (without compromising warmth)

When it comes to cutting energy costs, the strategy doesn’t have to wildly differ based on the season. Whether it’s cooling costs or heating costs that are eating away at your bottom line, there are a few key focus areas that will do the trick.

Automate the temperature with a programmable thermostat. It isn’t necessary to keep the building at a temperature that’s comfortable for workers all through the night. Consider dropping the temperature down to a bit between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am and only maintain a high temperature of 68 or 70 degrees during the work day. Unless you’re worried the printer might get cold, the savings night after night can really add up.

Encourage employees to work from home. Growing in popularity, depending on your business type, this is a no brainier way to give some outlets a rest. Especially in winter weather conditions, this policy is a win-win for both employees and the building. They might have a dog they keep the heat on high for anyway! Thank about it.

Ask EIG if sub meters are right for your building. Depending on the size and the number of commercial tenants you serve, it might make sense to hold each individual user accountable for the energy they consumed. In fact, commercial tenants are increasingly interested in a lease that includes sub metering because it gives them ownership over their sustainability efforts, driving additional conservation investments.

EIG has been engineering power monitoring systems for over 40 years to help commercial clients understand their energy usage. For more on how we can help your business this winter and beyond, email us at sales@electroind.com.

Energy Resolutions for your Business this New Year

New Year, new business? It’s not the phrase you typically hear this time of year but there’s still plenty of ways you can set resolutions to better your business, too!

Here’s how energy resolutions are the perfect complement to all of your “typical” 2019 business goals.

The Business Goal: Increase Profits

The Energy Resolution: Well, how much are you spending on your bottom line? More specifically, your energy bill? Sub meters help you spot that money drainage. Want to patch that leak? Install them.

The Business Goal: Retain Top Talent

The Energy Resolution: Make sure your office space is abundant in natural light. Sun beams will minimize your need for electricity usage. It’s also a step in the right direction when working towards the WELL Building Standard, a certification program designed with your employees’ well-being in mind.

And for those late nights at the office when sunlight won’t do the trick? Upgrade to LED light bulbs, which use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

Need help putting these energy resolutions to the test? Reach out to our expert engineers by emailing sales@electroind.com. For more energy tips and tricks, visit us at electroind.com/news.

New Year, New Career: Available Engineer Positions at EIG

Hopeful 2019 can be the year you find a career you love? Take a look at the open positions available at Electro Industries. We’re looking for a Hardware Design Engineer, an Embedded Software Engineer and a Sales Engineer in the Seattle area.

Think you have what it takes? Review the job description and requirements below. To apply, submit your resume at electroind.com/apply-today.



Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Create design requirements specifications from product features, illustrated with high and detailed level block diagrams
  • Requirements include electrical, mechanical, environmental and standards compliance details
  • Design Analog and Digital or mixed mode circuits with schematic capture and board layout software
  • Optimize design for manufacturing process
  • Make bills of materials and assembly drawings for production
  • Write production test specifications and procedures
  • Create circuit design verification and debug documentation
  • Test prototypes and provide performance analysis in written report
  • Research, test and verify substitutes for end of life parts
  • Perform any other electrical duties required by the Company

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • 5-10 years of experience in hardware engineering and design
  • Knowledgeable in design system/hardware/
  • Experienced with CAD design
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Ability to source components and work with component vendor
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal



Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Develop embedded programs and firmware
  • Support existing firmware, fix bugs and add new features
  • Interface with hardware design and development, and review code design
  • Support customer service with firmware issues
  • Create and maintain internal firmware documentation
  • Review and support software manuals created by technical writers

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field
  • Master Degree a strong plus including computer architecture, program languages, Digital systems, electronic/digital circuit prototyping and other relevant courses.
  • 5 -10+ years of experience in embedded systems and firmware design architecture
  • Must have skills in C and C#; OS coding, Interfaces; hardware and tool development for compiling and debugging.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal



We’re looking for experienced, technical, customer facing Outside Sales Engineers to join our Technical Sales Team.

In this position you will work as part of the regional sales team to qualify leads and work directly with customers to identify power monitoring projects and find solutions utilizing EIG’s power meters and energy management software. We are currently seeking a Sales Engineer to cover the Northwest Territory. Ideal location would be in the Seattle, WA vicinity.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain relationships with facilities/maintenance managers and engineers
  • Follow up on open projects and opportunities
  • Ability to perform product demonstrations to Industrial/Utility and Commercial environments
  • Attend and exhibit at regional conferences and trade shows
  • Find additional leads via the internet to bring in sales
  • Position reports to the Regional Territory Manager
  • Requires 50% overnight travel

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Energetic and outgoing personality
  • Ability to integrate technical and sales
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to communicate at a technical level
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering preferred

Curious what it might be like to work at Electro Industries, either at our Westbury corporate office or in the field? Get to know us at electroind.com/careers-at-eig.

Cyber Security Features of EIG Power Meters: The Shark® 250 Meter

As the rate of intrusions of utilities and industrials grows exponentially in the coming years, so does the need to secure power grids around the world by taking effective action before it is too late.

Cyber security is often thought to be handled only by firewalls and IPS/IDS systems, but as technology grows in the utility and industrial sectors, the cyber threat to other devices including power meters, switches and relays needs to be recognized and proactively prevented.

EIG provides cyber secured configuration on most of its popular products to help utilities design substation that are safe and secure from malicious attempt to load harmful firmware or configure meters to provide false data.

Let’s take a look at some of the security features on our popular Shark® 250 Meter:

  • Up to 8 customized levels of password protected access, starting with an admin level
  • 30 character alphanumeric passwords
  • Username and password encryption when sent to the meter

In addition to the above, built-in, security features, many of the power meter’s functions can be modified to include customized security restrictions of your choice. Adjustable functions on the Shark® 250 Meter include the energy readings reset, firmware uploads, demand resets, programmable setting edits and uploads, test mode execution and more.

Questions on the security features of our Shark® 250 Meter or other power meters we sell? Speak with one of our expert field technicians today by emailing sales@electroind.com. We have been engineering and manufacturing power meters with advanced analysis capabilities for over 40 years – and we look forward to serving you!

Our Commitment to Innovation & Continuous Improvement (2018 Product Announcements)

The start of a new year with new goals is right in front of us, but we can’t help but pause and take a look back at the milestones we hit in 2018. We’ve shared with you before a snapshot of product announcements from 2016 and 2017 and, of course, this year is no different!

EIG’s mission is to innovate and produce ground-breaking new technology in the energy space. Thus, each year we prioritize upgrading our software and meters to bring you the very best power monitoring tools for the modern day. Here are our three big highlights from 2018:

March 29, 2018. We released the Shark® 270 socket revenue meter with Level 2 DNP3 protocol for both serial and Ethernet. Using Level 2 DNP3, the meter can be used for SCADA, as well as to collect energy for billing purposes.

May 25, 2018. We updated the Nexus® 1500+ high performance Power Quality meter to support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communication. This meter can now be integrated seamlessly into existing SNMP networks, such as those in data centers. The meter’s onboard touch-screen display was also improved!

July 17, 2018. We released our latest Shark® Series meter – the Shark® 250 power meter with enhanced revenue metering features, multiple serial or Ethernet ports for redundant communication, a large memory capacity for more significant load studies and a Cyber secured configuration. Cyber Security is something we’ve been incredibly focused on in 2018!

Journey with us through 2019! Each release will be shared right here at electroind.com/news.

EIG is a leader in power monitoring and grid solutions. Take a look at our full suite of products and software here. Contact us at sales@electroind.com for expert advice.

Looking Ahead: What’s in Store for Smart Grids in 2019

As we look ahead to 2019, utility managers across the globe are chasing a more effective grid system for two main reasons – security and reliability. As a result, smart grid advancements will be a huge priority for national governments this upcoming calendar year, including the United States, Australia and China. Similarly, the introduction of the NIS Directive by the European Union is driving an increased focus on cyber security amongst utilities.

Looking to keep up with the trends? Here are a few things you should know going into the New Year:

  1. Your power meters should be updated with cyber security features. Cyber Attackers can tamper with data and compromise the authenticity of your information, causing downtime and increased costs. Cyber Secure power meters, such as the Electro Industries/GaugeTech Nexus® 1450 energy meter, provide 128 bit AES encryption on all configuration and control functions, significantly increasing the difficulty of a successful cyber-attack.
  2. Smart Grids enable a two-way communication, updating utilities with real consumer demand. To fully maximize the benefits of a smart grid system, and to maintain data integrity, the network needs to be fully protected.
  3. There are platforms at your disposal for staying informed. Smart Grids Forums is hosting the first annual Energy Intrusion Detection conference in January 2019. The event will take place in Amsterdam and draw over 100 cybersecurity specialists from electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution operators across Europe to discuss the evaluation, procurement, and implementation of these crucial monitoring systems.

Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG’s WiFi-based submeters and power meters to capture energy and power metering data for energy cost, power costing and tenant billing. Contact us at sales@electroind.com for more information.

EIG Power Meter Training: Kick off the New Year with us in Minnetonka, MN

Calling all engineers and technicians in Hennepin County, Minnesota and the surrounding areas! Our upcoming two-day training will be FREE and focus on the features of our Shark® and Nexus® series meters.  

In order to get the most out of the technology you’ve installed (or are considering installing) it’s important that you fully understand the various functions so you can adapt our meters to fit your unique needs. Networking with other utility users is an added course benefit! 

Register today as space is limited!

Where: Minneapolis Marriott Southwest, 5801 Opus Pkwy, Minnetonka, MN 55343

When: Tuesday, January 15th and Wednesday, January 16th (9 AM – 5 PM both days)

Why: Getting full functionality out of your meter is important! Both novice and experienced users will benefit.

Take a look at our training flyer for full details, including what to bring and how to install the software we’ll be reviewing during this course!

Contact our local sales representatives for additional information:

James Chan at jchan@electroind.com 

Victor Batwar at vbatwar@electroind.com

Can’t make this training but need the support? Keep an eye on our website as we regularly update it with upcoming training that may be in your area!  


How to Arm your Commercial Power Monitoring System against Cyber Attacks

According to IBM’s 2018 Cost of Data Breach Survey, the average total cost of a data breach, globally, is $3.86 million. Putting reputation concerns and personal data vulnerability aside, that’s not a cost any business can take lightly.

Electro Industries is committed to helping the businesses we work with stay ahead of the curve when it comes to arming their commercial power monitoring systems against cyber security attacks – especially when they can lead to these kind of costly data breaches. At a high-level, here are the security features you want to have in place:

Encryption. Encrypting secure messages to and from meters prevents malicious users from *sniffing your credentials. This can be done with the use of an encryption key, a random string of bits created explicitly for scrambling and unscrambling data. Long encryption keys make it harder to sniff as the code can only be easily read by the sender and the receiver.

Complex Passwords. Over the years, it’s become increasingly popular for networks to require a password that is both longer in length and more complex in makeup (i.e. the inclusion of special characters and a combination of both letters and numbers). It’s important to apply these same rules when creating passwords for your power meter software applications so they are not easy to guess. 

Limitation of Login. Also increasingly popular, it’s important to limit the number of times an individual user can enter an incorrect password in a short period of time. This also makes it harder for malicious attackers to repeatedly guess credentials.

Digital Signing of Firmware. Signing firmware guarantees that the meter is running code that is authentic. Without it, there’s no way to tell if code has been tampered with, thus producing inauthentic results.

Training on Social Engineering Attacks. Employees are a crucial part of ensuring your system’s security and should ideally be just as comfortable with the guidelines above. Notifying employees of security updates is just as important as installing them!

For more information on Cyber Security in the energy sector, visit our website or reach out to our expert team of engineers at sales@electroind.com.

*Sniffing is a term used to describe a cyber attacker’s ability to silently capture data as it is transmitted over an unsecured network.

The WELL Building Standard and What it Takes to Be Certified

When it comes to modernizing your commercial real estate, there’s health benefits in addition to energy and cost savings. Whether or not you provide a working environment that’s good for your employees’ well-being is for the International WELL Building Institute to decide.

How to meet their standards?

It’s not easy (given the 100 wellness features that need to be met), but it’s worth it – especially since high-quality buildings cost less and are worth more. To achieve this, buildings need to incorporate new technologies that allow for things like continuous fresh air and natural light.

Air and light are two of the 7 core components that the WELL standard addresses – the remaining five being water, nourishment, fitness, comfort and mind. While the certification program was only built 4 years ago, the standard has quickly drawn significant attention worldwide. This is in large part due to the unique demands of today’s millennial workforce.

Similar to LEED certified lighting, WELL is another way you can transform your building into a happy, healthy and energy efficient place to be. Interested in becoming WELL certified? Visit the official site for resources.

Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG’s WiFi-based submeters and power meters to capture energy and power metering data for energy cost, power costing and tenant billing.

Why Cyber Attackers are a Threat to Your Commercial Energy System

It’s not the avocado, but it’s still a popular trend in our world and it’s called Cyber Security. While important to uphold cyber security best practices in many industries, here’s why it’s especially important for your power monitoring system.

  1. A cyber attack will cost you. If you are a retail store or manufacturer, the loss is typically financial. No power means no productivity. If your customers can’t see what you are selling, they won’t buy it. Even more severe, is the impact a cyber attacker could have on a hospital building, for example. Without the ability to power certain life saving machinery, even human life could be at risk.
  2. Hackers can gain access to secret information. By reading private energy data, hackers can identify what the system is cooling or producing. In instances of a military installation, this unlocking of intelligence could be detrimental to the operation.
  3. Hackers can change the configuration of your meter, making it look like power is out when it is actually flowing. This is both dangerous for utility line restoration employees and makes future restoration attempts very difficult.

Not sure if your power monitoring system is setup to protect against malicious cyber attacks? Look to Electro Industries for ways to prevent cyber attacks on your meters and learn more about which of our power meters come with built in cyber security features.

Power Meter Training Right Here in our Home Town: Join us November 13 & 14 on Long Island

Our company has hundreds of thousands of power meters installed all over the world, but there’s still no place like home! Since our humble beginnings 40 years ago, we have been proud to support and do business in the Long Island community by participating in programs like Long Island Forum for Technology and Long Island Cares! Therefore, you can imagine we’re excited to have some of you come and join us right here at our home base.

As usual, our two-day training will be FREE and focus on familiarizing you with the features of our Shark® and Nexus® series meters. Networking with other utility users is an added course benefit! Register today as space is limited.

Where: The Inn at Great Neck, 30 Cutter Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11021

When: Tuesday, November 13th and Wednesday, November 14th (9 AM – 5 PM both days)

Why: Getting full functionality out of your meter is important! Both novice and experienced users will benefit.

Take a look at our training flyer for full details, including what to bring and how to install the software we’ll be reviewing during this course!


Top 3 Data Center Power Monitoring Best Practices

It’s a constant push and pull for Data Center Managers – how can you maximize power savings and minimize downtime? It’s tough, given the 1.8% of all US energy consumption that data centers use. A power monitoring system, when utilized effectively, will help drive this massive usage down – and turn more data centers into Energy Star locations.

Here are 3 things we think you should know when you first start thinking about a power monitoring system installation:

Pay close attention to CT accuracy when choosing your meter. It’s important that you understand the capacity of your Current Transformer in combination with your power meter. Installing and testing CTs correctly will give you greater confidence in the accuracy of the data your meter provides. Our Application Engineers will guide you through this process.

Think short-term and long-term. Power requirements vary by machine and site. So it’s important to build a power monitoring system that can not only manage your current infrastructure, but everything you plan to build and install over the next 5 to 10 years.

Monitor the temperature of your equipment, as well. To extend the lifetime of your equipment and to minimize unnecessary energy use, think about the amount of power the cooling process alone consumes. Looking at different environmental guidelines in conjunction with power monitoring data, will give you a larger look into your data center and its opportunities for improvement.

EIG is leader in advanced metering for data centers around the globe. Turn to our application guide or contact a dedicated sales rep for additional information and a suggested bill of materials for your power monitoring installation project.


Validate your Installation with Readings on your Power Meter

In a previous post we shared the three things you must know when installing CTs for EIG Meters. Once your installation is complete, you’ll need to validate it with the readings on your power meter. Here are the readings you’ll want to take a look at on the front panel of your meter:

  1. Voltages: You can check voltages with a handheld volt meter at the back of your meter. Remember that in the basic setup for the meter you also entered PT values, so make sure your voltage readings make sense.
  2. Amp Reach: This will give you your current readings.
  3. Watts: This will tell us if you faced the high side of the CTs correctly.
  4. Power Factor: We hope to see a number between .9 and 1.

For complete information on validating your installation, please watch our video below. Forrest Whitt, Senior Application Engineer, will walk you through the details.

You can find a complete list of wiring diagrams on our website under Downloads. Please contact our dedicated team at any time with questions regarding your power meter. You can also join us for one of our upcoming free training sessions throughout the US.

Webinar: Cyber Security in Power and Energy Meters

Please join us on Friday, October 12 at 10AM EST for an educational event on cyber security in Power and Energy Meters!

Our special guests, EIG President Erran Kagan and Senior Software Engineer Rory Koval, will be talking about the need for the cyber security on power and energy meters for utility, industrial, and commercial applications. Learn more about the growing vulnerabilities your system may be facing.

Concerned about what an attacker can do by gaining control of a power meter and how you can better protect against such attacks? Learn all this and more on our 2 hour session.

Registration is required to join this event. Sign up here.


EIG Power Meter Training in Glen Ellyn, IL: October 24th & 25th 2018

Calling all engineers and technicians in DuPage County, IL and the surrounding areas! Whether you’re a current customer or considering what type of power meter system to install, our FREE two-day training will benefit you.

Our local, expert technical support managers will take you through our Shark® and Nexus® series meters’ configuration, software, and features. In order to get the most out of the technology you’ve installed (or are considering installing) it’s important that you fully understand the various functions so you can adapt our meters to fit your unique needs.

Join us at the College of DuPage’s Technical Education Center on Wednesday, October 24th and Thursday, October 25th. Register today as seating is limited.

Refer to the flyer for complete information. Contact local representative, James Chan at  jchan@electroind.com for additional information.

Can’t make this training but need the support? Keep an eye on our website for a list of future training or get a team together for a private session. If you’re located further east, we also have a training scheduled for November in Long Island, NY.

What is a Smart Grid and What Does it Take to Build One?

Did you know on any given day, there are half a million people in America without electricity for 2 or more hours per day? This is because the grid was originally built as a one-way interaction. We all know how this system works. The utility company supplies electricity to the surrounding community and sends a monthly bill based on usage. In today’s technologically advanced society, however, we are pushing more power through the grid than the system can handle. Thus the need for a more intelligent system.

That’s where this ideal state of a Smart Grid comes into play. When you hear the term “Smart Grid,” it’s referring to a two-way communication stream between utility companies and the end user. This type of automated and immediate feedback loop is critical as our world’s energy use both increases and becomes more complex. Currently a work in process, building a smart grid requires private and public sectors, humankind and advanced technologies, utility companies and consumers, all to work together. You can see how this could be a tall order, but the anticipated result of decreased outages and user accountability is huge.

The impact of a smart grid would be no less enormous than that of the internet. A grid connected to software, mobile applications, and built from modern infrastructure would no doubt change the way we live our daily lives.

Are you a utility company, commercial energy user, or are just following the Department of Energy closely? We’re curious to hear what you think, how far you’ve gotten and how we can help! Contact the leader in power monitoring solutions, Electro Industries, at sales@electroind.com.







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