Our In-House and Field  Customer Support   


There is nothing more annoying and sometimes stressful as having something break and no one to reach out to.


That is why we here at E.I.G. our customer support specialists are standing by to assist you. Our knowledgeable customer service is available by phone. If we can’t fix it over the phone we can certainly send someone out to assist you on sight.

E.I.G. technical engineering services team is available to work with customers. Our field support team is in-house, not contracted out to some other company. Thus ensuring our relationship even further. Read more about how they can help here: https://electroind.com/technical-support/

At Electro Industries/Gaugetech, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and support before, during, and after the sale. Do not be afraid to contact us today with any an issues you may have.

The hours of operation for our customer service support team are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. For prompt assistance, contact our Customer Support Specialists by phone, fax or email.

Contact us at:

1800 Shames Drive, Westbbury, NY 11590
(866) 928 – 7908 or 1 – 877 – EIMETER

If you are an international client, please check this list of contacts to reach out to your corresponding rep: https://electroind.com/contact-us/

If outside of business hours or you do not wish to speak with someone, you can email the team at support@ind.com and we will get back in touch with you soon. Remember that when you purchase one of our power meters or gauges you are now part of the family here at Electro Industries/Gaugetech.


February 14, 2018

Quality is our Most Important Company Goal

Electro Industries believes that quality is our MOST IMPORTANT company goal. To achieve that goal, we provide a multipoint approach to quality. EIG uses advanced standards, from the purchasing of components to the final shipping of products, to insure that our instruments are free from defects when shipped and operate for many years in service. We provide factory tours and have been know to impress people quite often.

In-Process Environmental Testing and 100% Inspection

EIG meters utilize brand-name, industrial temperature components. They receive 100% component insertion inspection, automated computer controlled testing, temperature deviation-based accelerated life burn-in testing and extensive 2.5 KV dielectric testing. We strive to achieve low failure rates by using comprehensive quality-based design and manufacturing techniques. We test extensively so that users can be confident that when they receive and EIG meter, it is one of the best in the industry.

How Can We Help?

Give us a call at 866-928-7908 or use this form. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]
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