Gear Up for a Surge in Students with Advanced Metering

Dorm rooms, classroom space, offices, and dining halls. The amount of energy used on your average university campus quickly adds up. But can anything be done about it?

Whether it’s to reduce costs in your bottom line or to foster a culture of responsible citizenship among your student body, implementing an energy tracking system will be step one.

Create accountability through sub-metering. Installing sub-meters in the various main locations throughout your campus is the quickest path to understanding where the the highest use of energy occurs – when, where and how much. Let students compete dorm building to dorm building by tracking their energy habits. The dorm that installs the smartest energy practices, thus reducing costs, wins!

Get administrative leaders on board. The road towards an energy efficient institution is only possible when those who utilize the facilities are behind it. Of course, appliance upgrades and light bulb changes is a good start, but rallying your campus leaders together to tackle the mission will have a big impact on student body buy-in.

Our Universities and Educational Facilities Application Guide is a great resource for academic institutions looking to make a positive change. For dedicated engineers and comprehensive support, contact EIG at

August 17, 2018

Quality is our Most Important Company Goal

Electro Industries believes that quality is our MOST IMPORTANT company goal. To achieve that goal, we provide a multipoint approach to quality. EIG uses advanced standards, from the purchasing of components to the final shipping of products, to insure that our instruments are free from defects when shipped and operate for many years in service. We provide factory tours and have been know to impress people quite often.

In-Process Environmental Testing and 100% Inspection

EIG meters utilize brand-name, industrial temperature components. They receive 100% component insertion inspection, automated computer controlled testing, temperature deviation-based accelerated life burn-in testing and extensive 2.5 KV dielectric testing. We strive to achieve low failure rates by using comprehensive quality-based design and manufacturing techniques. We test extensively so that users can be confident that when they receive and EIG meter, it is one of the best in the industry.

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