DM Series Power Monitor FAQs

Sometimes, owner’s manuals just don’t give us enough information. Oftentimes, there are questions that come about that nobody thought of previously or strange situations that occur that might be unique to a specific individual. Well, we understand that our power monitors might be a bit confusing to those who aren’t super familiar with them – so we’ve put together a quick list of frequently asked questions about our DM Series monitors:

DM Series Power Monitor FAQs | Electro Industries

Q: How do I program the DMMS350 with my desired IP address?

A: Start by connecting your equipment directly to a computer via the ethernet port with a crossover cable. Verify that a network connection has been established and then follow these steps to program your DMMS350.

Q: Is there a quick flow chart for the DM Series meters?

A: Yes. This should make programming easier: download here.

Q: How do I troubleshoot wiring errors with the DMMS300+?

A: The DMMS 300+ is capable of troubleshooting wiring mistakes. If the meter is in Delta mode you will need to program it, temporarily, to WYE. If you have negative power readings, low power factor, large amount of neutral current, you can use certain functions of the DMMS 300+ to determine the cause of the problem.

Have additional questions about your Nexus Power Monitor? Feel free to give us a call at 866-928-7908. The friendly staff at Electro Industries/GaugeTech is always ready to help you out!

October 9, 2017

Quality is our Most Important Company Goal

Electro Industries believes that quality is our MOST IMPORTANT company goal. To achieve that goal, we provide a multipoint approach to quality. EIG uses advanced standards, from the purchasing of components to the final shipping of products, to insure that our instruments are free from defects when shipped and operate for many years in service. We provide factory tours and have been know to impress people quite often.

In-Process Environmental Testing and 100% Inspection

EIG meters utilize brand-name, industrial temperature components. They receive 100% component insertion inspection, automated computer controlled testing, temperature deviation-based accelerated life burn-in testing and extensive 2.5 KV dielectric testing. We strive to achieve low failure rates by using comprehensive quality-based design and manufacturing techniques. We test extensively so that users can be confident that when they receive and EIG meter, it is one of the best in the industry.

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