DIY Energy Audit Checklist for Your Business or Home


When you conserve your energy, it will reduce the amount of money you spend towards your electric costs. For example, most people use simple tricks like turning down their lights to conserve energy. These are also tips you’ll receive from your electric company or Public Utility Commission as conservation tools. You know realistically the more energy you save, the lower your electricity bill will be, but a lot of people find it hard to save energy with a family of 3 or more and even a business with employees. However, a simple DIY energy audit can help you check for things causing an increased surge in your power.


Perform A DIY Energy Audit

A professional auditor can gives you ways to save, and is always the best way to go, but there are a few things you can do while you’re scheduling an appointment for a home energy audit. Remember, a quality audit won’t be cheap, but it pays for itself on your monthly bills. Find a licensed individual or if you’re able to, conduct one on the regular yourself.

What To Loom For In An Energy Audit

(1). Check For Leaks 

Leaks around your home can be the number one culprit of increased energy costs. Leaks include air, and water leaks throughout your home. A good place to start is with your pipes, but should include your faucets, air conditioning, major appliances, and windows.

(2). Check your home insulation

Your home insulation can really affect the amount of energy used in your home. In fact, poor insulation can cause your heating, and cooling to leak through cracks, and seals in your home or building, and should immediately be tested. Check your insulation by checking for drafts.

(3). Check Your Major Appliances 

You may have these in your office or at home. The refrigerator, air conditioning, heating, washer, dishwasher, and lighting are all major appliances, and features of your home, you should audit for defects. Check your major appliances for leaks, and malfunctions that will contribute to an energy surge.

You can save money throughout your home and business by performing a few simple steps, a couple times a year, but a professional can give you the best advice on how to minimize the amount of energy you spend in your home. Contact your local area energy audit specialist for more details on a walk through by a licensed and trained professional today.

April 13, 2018

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