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Register For Our September 1st Training in Dallas, TX!

At Electro Industries/GaugeTech, all of our power meters are designed to help your business operate more efficiently. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our products, it is essential that your staff is familiar with all of their available features and how to best use them. All of our energy management systems are specifically designed to offer optimum flexibility, and our training programs will help you take full advantage of this.

Our exclusive trainings are offered at our World Headquarters in Westbury NY, on-site at your location, and we offer one additional session per month at a select location somewhere in the country. Our next available seminar is scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1-2, in Dallas, Texas.

This two-day program is designed to help you get the most out of the technology you have installed at your business. Our knowledgeable trainers will deliver the information your employees need to capitalize on all of our products’ capabilities in an educational and hands-on environment.

Next week’s training will be held at the Dallas Marriott City Center, located at 650 N Pearl Street, Dallas, TX 75201. The two-day course will run on September 1st and 2nd from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (on both days). There is no fee to attend this training, just find a way to get there!

Course content will include:

  • Introduction to Shark and Nexus-series meters

  • Communication protocols

  • Uploading and saving metered data

  • How to understand and interpret data in real-time

  • Software configuration and features

  • And more!

Seating is limited, register now to ensure your spot! For more information about our Dallas, TX training, please click here to view our flier. To sign up, fill out this form on our website or contact Dale Prashad at (516) 695-8842.

Product Spotlight: Nexus 1500

nexus 1500

The Nexus 1500 is EIG’s most popular high performance power monitor. It is a transient recording energy meter with advanced power quality monitoring and communication capabilities.

The Nexus 1500 is the number one choice of users around the world who need a reliable instrument to measure their power quality and consumption levels. Whether you need to comply with legal standards or contractual obligations, the Nexus 1500 can reliably and accurately track your energy, and relay this information through up to six communication channels.

Here are some key features of our Nexus 1500 high performance power monitor:

  • Industry-leading Class A power quality analyzer.
  • 1 GB of onboard storage.

  • Communication engine with six high-speed communication ports.

  • RTU and revenue meter for highly-critical metering applications.

  • Auto-calibrating revenue meter with precision measurement.

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting options.

  • Generates weekly reports which are stored for multiple years.

  • Smartphone/tablet compatible!

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a municipal energy provider, the Nexus 1500 can meet and exceed your energy tracking needs. It is the most advanced power monitoring product available on the market, providing you with a total picture of energy usage and power quality from anywhere in your network. You can manage peak demand, generate email notifications, trigger alarms in certain situations, view years of past data, and more from one device.

Interested in learning more about the Nexus 1500 or purchasing one for your organization? You can visit our website, call 866-928-7908, or send an email to

5 Reasons to Use EIG’s Power Monitoring Systems


Since our creation in 1975, Electro Industries/GaugeTech has been a worldwide leader in power monitoring. From data centers and hospitals to local energy providers, institutions across the globe have relied on our products to reliably track and control their electricity consumption for the past 40 years. If you are in the market for a new power monitoring system, look no further than EIG.

Here are five reasons that you can depend on our commercial energy meters.


Electro Industries Releases RS485 to USB Communication Converter

Westbury, NY (Wednesday, May 13, 2015) – Electro Industries / GaugeTech (EIG) announces the release of the E205301 direct RS485 to USB communication converter cable designed specifically to work with 2 wire RS485 networks which are native to all EIG meters. The cable is 16 feet in length and has tinned RS485 wiring on one side and a USB port connector on the other side.

The E205301 is self-powered from the USB port and can be used for many different applications including typical conversion of a string of devices from RS485 to USB and as a programming tool to easily configure any EIG meter using the native RS485 port.

Electro Industries Expanding on Long Island, NY

Westbury, NY (Wednesday, April 15, 2015) – Electro Industries / GaugeTech (EIG) is expanding its manufacturing facility. Located in Westbury, NY, the company is building more lines to keep up with demand for its very popular Shark and Nexus products. Celebrating its fortieth year in business, EIG is one of Long Island, NY’s most prestigious manufacturers, producing state-of-the-art power and energy metering equipment and energy management software that is used by governments, military, utilities, industry, healthcare facilities, universities, and commercial buildings the world over.

The expansion of its Westbury, NY manufacturing facility will allow EIG to increase its production capability and to offer more jobs to our Long Island community. EIG plans to have the new facility up and running within the next three months.

Electro Industries Releases Shark 50B Power and Energy Meter with BACnet MS/TP Serial Protocol

Westbury, NY (Wednesday, January 7, 2015) – Electro Industries / GaugeTech (EIG) announced the release of the Shark 50B meter with native BACnet MS/TP serial communication. This meter supplies power and energy data to building automation systems using a native, standard BMS protocol. It is perfect for retrofit into existing systems or for new applications.

The Shark 50B meter comes pre-programmed with 34 BACnet objects for seamless integration into existing BACnet networks. It offers an affordable entry into the world of building automation. In addition to building automation, it supports LEED projects and other “green” building initiatives.

The meter also supports Modbus over TCP/IP so that the Shark 50B meter can additionally communicate to a stand-alone energy management system or energy dashboard. This allows the meter to be used for both energy management and building automation applications simultaneously.

More information on the Shark 50B meter can be viewed at:

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